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Who are we?

At Harvest Seafoods, we take pride in our 50+ years of experience in supplying top catering establishments with high-quality seafood. Based in London, our premises are HACCP controlled, ensuring trackability and product quality. Our staff are trained to meet hygiene standards and kept up-to-date.

We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service. With a daily temperature-controlled delivery service six days a week, we accommodate your specified time and can even provide a second delivery for unexpected demand. There are no cut-off times for orders, allowing you to place them on the same morning of supply. Scaling, gutting, and filleting of fish are done at no extra cost.

Upon request, we can portion fish to your desired size and requirements, offering a portion cost option. This allows you to know the cost of each fish dish on your menu, eliminating waste and inconsistent portion sizes, maximizing profit, and simplifying ordering. We also have daily specials for your “fish of the day.”

To enhance customer service, we can call you daily to inform the chef or manager about value-for-money options and seasonal availability. This keeps you updated on our latest deliveries and special offers alongside our competitive prices.

Account facilities are available if needed, and our prices are guaranteed. Take the time to compare your current expenses and discover how much you could save each month.

Why Choose Us?

High Quality Seafood

Competitive Prices

Delivery Available

Fresh & Frozen Fish